Austin Homeschooling Friends

An e-mail list.

 This list is for you, if you are a homeschooled student in the Austin area who wishes to meet new friends.

It was created because it is easier to break into a pre-existing group if you feel you already know someone. 

This is a place to find others who have common interests.

You need to have a parent on the AAH list with a phone number on file, so that we can contact them if there are any problems.


  • Only members to this list will be able to post to the list. 
  • Everyone will use their first name (so we will recognize each other when we meet) and a nick name (to differentiate common first name), no last names. 

  • For example Eric Etheric or Eric the Red.
  • If you wish to exchange phone numbers and addresses you must have your parents' permission, and do it OFF list in a private e-mail. NEVER exchange personal info on the list.  
  • Parents may monitor the list but not post.  The exception is if they are taking dictation from a member.  :o)
Rules that are probably unnecessary to state, but...
  • Be polite, be very polite. 
  • Do not forward messages from other list.  
  • No chain letters. 
  • Restrict your "me too" and private replies to PRIVATE e-mail. Do not send them to the list. 
  • If asked to take the thread (topic) off list, please do so.

More rules may come as the need arises.


After You Join

After you have signed up for the list you will be able to: 

Post messages to its members via e-mail
Read and post group messages on the Web
Please post a message to the list introducing yourself. 

If you have any questions regarding the e-mail list, you may contact:



To Join the Mailing List

Add your e-mail address to the form at the bottom of this page, and then click on the join button. 

Yahoo! Groups may ask for information.  Give only the information you and your parents are comfortable giving. 

You can also subscribe to the group by sending a blank e-mail message to:

Any Questions, Corrections or Comments,
please contact webmaster@homefries.8m.com

Our group was created on July 28, 1999

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